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How to refer patients to BUA

Private Patients

If your patient decides to go privately, you may recommend/suggest any of the BUA Urologists, depending on the patient’s preference or the nature of the presenting complaint.

A referral letter is necessary in order for us to accept the referral. This can be either sent or faxed to us (click for contact details). Once we have received the referral letter, we will contact the patient to make an appointment.

Alternatively, GP's may give our contact details to the patient, who can call us to make an appointment at their own convenience. In this case a patient may bring along the referral letter to their first consultation.

It is our policy to offer a first appointment with in 14 days. Visit Private Patient Pathway

NHS Patients (GP Care)

GP's from practices within North Somerset and South Gloucestershire may refer NHS patients with urological symptoms into the BUA's 'Community Urology Service' under the GP Care scheme.

This is a community based, consultant led, rapid access 'one-stop-shop' diagnostic and assessment clinic that is available to NHS patients as an alternative to attending hospital for three or four separate visits.

Referrals can be made via 'Choose & Book' or fax to GP Care - 0117 956 2224 using the standard GP Care Referral Form. Referrals will be processed immediately on receipt and appointments can generally be made within 14 days. Visit the GP Care Pathway

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